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1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
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Book 3-Star Easter Umrah Packages 2020

Make the best of your Easter holidays by travelling to Makkah for Umrah. I’timaar offers a myriad range of budget-friendly Easter Umrah Packages to facilitate your blessed journey of Umrah with ease. Perform divine pilgrimage to Makkah in the form of Umrah along with your family. For Muslims living in the United Kingdom, the period of Easter holidays is considered the best time to embark on a spiritual journey to Makkah for performing Umrah. It is because of the long weekend that one gets to enjoy around this time of the year. This holiday season, teach your kids and make them aware of the various rituals of Umrah by taking them along on this auspicious journey. Book your budget Easter Umrah package with I’timaar and decrease your overall cost by making the most of our special deals and discount offers.

List of 3-Star Easter Umrah Packages

3 Star Easter Umrah Packages

I’timaar Presents Exclusive Budget Easter Umrah Packages

Hajj and Umrah are the two most important pilgrimages in Islam that bring great religious virtues and spiritual satisfaction to a Muslim. While Hajj is obligatory, Umrah is a Sunnah Mua’kkadah, recommended by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and holds huge significance and multiple rewards. Unlike Hajj that can be performed only in the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah, Umrah can be performed anytime during the year- except during 5 days of Hajj.

For Muslims living in the United Kingdom, Easter vacation is a good time to embark on a spiritual journey to Makkah for performing Umrah. People of UK enjoy a long weekend during Easter which can be utilized for carrying out this spiritual obligation and earn rewards from Allah (SWT). We bring to you an excellent range of affordable Easter Umrah tour packages to fulfil your intention of travelling to Makkah and Madinah for performing Umrah.

Our customers have the option to customize their Umrah packages according to their requirement. Direct/connecting flights to Makkah and Madinah are available from Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and London City airports. Most pilgrims depart from Heathrow airport. Accommodation is provided in comfortable 3-Star hotels with clean rooms and plush interiors. The packages also include airport transfers, guide services and ziyarat to important Islamic sites in & around Makkah and Madinah.

Avail our Low Cost Easter Umrah Packages for Individuals, Groups and Families

Easter Umrah packages have always been in great demand in UK. Muslims from every corner of the country book their Umrah packages well in advance for travelling to Makkah in the month of April. Whether you are planning to undertake this journey alone or with family, Easter is the perfect time for the pilgrimage to Makkah. The holiday season also gives you a chance to take your kids to Saudi Arabia for Umrah along with you and teach them about Umrah rituals which would be of immense help to them in the coming years.

With our special offers for Easter Umrah, you can easily reduce your overall travel cost to a great extent. You are also advised to book the packages in advance if you want to get the maximum benefit of our slashed prices. While these packages are offered at a significantly lower price, we make sure all your needs and comfort factor is taken into account.

Our 3-Star Umrah packages are perfect for those who have a tight budget and want to travel with a group which cuts off the total cost. Group Umrah is affordable as you get to share the cost of accommodation, transport and meals with other pilgrims. Our special 3-Star group Umrah packages are reasonable and quite budget-friendly without any compromise on the quality of the services provided.

Why You Should Choose our Easter Umrah Packages?

I’timaar not only makes the journey easier for you but also offers a chance to visit the other important Islamic sites around Makkah and Madinah. Accommodation is arranged in the best hotels in close proximity to Masjid-ul-Haram. The hotels are well-equipped with all the modern amenities with 24*7 room service to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. Pilgrims are guided through the airport formalities and airport transfers are included in the package. Pilgrims are also taken to important ziyarat places in Makkah and Madinah so that they are able to get a glimpse of the life the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions (RA) led. Our knowledgeable guides would take you through all the ziyarat places sharing important information and facts, letting you know about the real incidents about the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions (RA).

Pilgrims can perform Umrah in Easter with great ease if they prepare for the journey well in advance. Remember to complete all your formalities in time and do not forget to carry your visa, identity proofs, photographs and photocopies of all the documents. It can be extremely hot in Makkah in April especially for people from the colder regions like the UK, so make sure you carry cotton clothes as these are comfortable during high temperature. Also, remember to pack medicines and other essential items before leaving for Umrah.

Explore More with our Easter Umrah Packages

With our Economy Umrah deals for Easter, pilgrims have the opportunity to save a good amount of money and be able to explore more in Makkah and Madinah. Along with your Umrah, you can visit all the popular Islamic sites in Mecca and Medina. Jabal Al Noor with the Cave of Hira, where our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation from Allah (SWT) through Archangel Gabriel (AS), is one such site. Pilgrims can also visit Jannat ul Baqee, Mount Uhud, Mosque of Jinn, Masjid-Al-Khayf, Mina - The City of Tents and many other ziyarat places during their trip to Makkah and Madinah.

Mount Arafat (Jabal-e-Rehmat) is another place of great significance that is worth visiting. Located to the east of Makkah, this is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his final sermon after performing Hajj with his companions during his final years. This is also the place where Prophet Adam (AS) and his wife Eve (AS) met on earth after their fall from Heaven. Mount Arafat is also known as the ‘Mount of Mercy’ as Adam (AS) was forgiven for his sin at this place.

If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah in April and looking for the cheapest Umrah deals for Easter, talk to our Umrah consultant who will help you in organizing your journey while ensuring that you have a pleasant and unforgettable Umrah experience.

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