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1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
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Book 5-Star Umrah Packages for January 2020

Plan your Umrah in January and get ready to travel to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.  Since December is a month of holidays, there is a rise in the number of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia and to avoid the rush, plan you trip in January. Comfortable and luxurious accommodation is provided in the most exclusive hotels along with business class flights and efficient visa processing with our special 5-star Umrah packages. You have the chance to perform Umrah while experiencing the best facilities and services during your journey. We are fortunate to be part of your spiritual journey by facilitating your Umrah trip. We try hard to get the most attractive deals on Umrah packages so that you can fulfil your desire of performing Umrah in January. We also ensure that all your needs and demands are fulfilled. Book your January Umrah packages confidently with us as we are ATOL protected and ensure transparency in all our transactions.

List of 5-Star January Umrah Packages

5 Star January Umrah Packages

Exclusive 5-Star Umrah Packages for January Holidays

With our premium Umrah Packages for January, you can reserve your seats at economical rates and savour the experience of comfort and luxury during your entire journey. We are dedicated to providing best quality Umrah deals and packages with accommodation nearest to Masjid-al-Haram and Masjid-e-Nabwi at the lowest possible prices. Savour the experience of outstanding services with our exclusive 5-star Umrah packages that feature luxury hotels and award-winning airlines renowned for their supremacy and class. We assure to cater services in accordance to your demands agreed upon as per our Umrah deals at the cheapest prices. You can travel carefree by choosing one of our special January Umrah packages that includes everything in terms of flights, accommodation and transportation for a peaceful Umrah trip. With a team of experts, we will plan and organize your Umrah tour most efficiently. We also remain available throughout your journey for assistance. Feel free to call us any time you want to inquire about our packages or any other travel information.

Customised Luxury Umrah Packages with Direct/Connecting Flights to Jeddah or Madinah

Christmas vacation is the peak season for Umrah when Muslims from the UK travel with their families and relatives to Saudi Arabia leading to a surge in the airfare which in turn increases the total cost of the Umrah package. Therefore, you can avoid this window and plan your Umrah in January. Saudi Arabia experiences cool temperatures during this time and your travel will not be tiring and uncomfortable. You can include direct or connecting flights in your package, across all the international airlines operating between the UK and Saudi Arabia including Lufthansa, MEA, Royal Jordanian, Emirates, Turkish Airlines and British Airways. If you prefer Saudi Airlines for travelling to Saudi Arabia, we can also book your flights with Saudi Airlines, the most popular airline amongst Umrah pilgrims. Although, Heathrow is the preferred airport amongst pilgrims, departure can be arranged from all other international airports of the United Kingdom. Your departure can be arranged from Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester or London City airport based on your preference. You can also customize your Umrah package by organising a stopover in Dubai or any other city to spend some moments of recreation while on the travel for Umrah trip. Pilgrims can also opt for arrival at Madinah airport or Jeddah airport according to their preferences.

5-Star Accommodation near Haram along with World-class Facilities and Services

We have tied-up with topmost hotels like Dar-ul-Eiman Grand, Hotel Movenpick, Swissotel Makkah and Makkah Hilton to provide you services at the lowest price. We keep your convenience in mind which is why accommodation is provided near Haram so that you face no difficulties in going to the holy mosque for prayers or Umrah rituals. Highly regarded hotels with good ratings are allotted in our all-inclusive 5-star January Umrah packages which are amazing in terms of their infrastructure, interior and exterior designing. These luxury hotels are well-equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities offering comfort and class to pilgrims during their stay. With an in-house restaurant and room service, pilgrims will have the ease to enjoy meals and other personalised services at the hotel. If you want to book a particular hotel in your Umrah package, you can request one of our travel agents to include it while booking your package.

Best 5-Star January Umrah Deals for Individuals and Families

Our exclusive 5-star Umrah packages for January are great for those who are planning to go for Umrah with their families and kids. Our customers have the option to choose from a wide range of January Umrah packages that come with world-class amenities and services catering to all their needs and ensuring a pleasant Umrah travel experience. If you have planned to perform Umrah along with an elderly or disabled person, we can arrange for wheelchairs and ground-level accommodation on prior notice. Just let us know about your requirements while booking the package and we will ensure that the said services are included in your Umrah package. Those travelling with children need maximum comfort throughout the trip which is why opting for 5-star Umrah packages is a good idea. The comfort and luxury that one acquires with our packages make it perfect for individuals and families.

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All-inclusive Umrah Package for January with Meals, Airport transfers, Ziyarat & Transportation

With our all-inclusive Umrah packages, plan your pilgrimage to Mecca and travel stress-free without worrying about where to stay and how to book the flight as we will take care of all your needs. We provide quality services in terms of flights, hotels, airport transfers, ziyarat and transportation while ensuring that you have a pleasant Umrah trip. Now you don’t have to worry about making arrangements for your Umrah travel as we will take care of every aspect of your trip. Our special Umrah package not only includes your flights and hotels but also caters to your other needs such as meals, airport transport and ziyarat. To deliver quality services and ensure customer satisfaction, even the finer points of the tour are taken into consideration while planning the pilgrimage. Pilgrims will also be taken for an Islamic tour of all the ziyarat places in Makkah and Madinah including Jabal-al-Noor, Masjid-e-Jin, Jabal-e-Rehmat, Qiblatein Mosque and Masjid Quba along with a knowledgeable guide who offers insight into the importance of all these places and share facts related to these historical sites.

Experience Personalized Services with 24*7 Travel Assistance

To guide our pilgrims at every step of their pilgrimage, we offer personalised services with 24-hour assistance. Right from the initial stage of planning your Umrah package to making the arrangements and completing all your documentation, you will be assisted through all the stages for a pleasant trip to Saudi Arabia. Our travel consultants are available round-the-clock and customers can easily reach out for information any time they want. Learn about the guideline for Ihram and other Umrah rituals, things you can and cannot do and the precautions that a pilgrim must take during the pilgrimage by browsing our Umrah guide or talking to our Umrah travel experts. We will also assist you in the completion of your visa formalities.

Avail Special Offers by Booking your Package in Advance

January is considered a great time for Umrah because of the cool weather in Saudi Arabia. It is also a time when people get their winter break. So Muslims have the perfect window for a pilgrimage tour. We advise you to plan your Umrah way ahead for extra savings as you might take advantage of the most attractive deals and obtain our premium services. Book your Umrah package at least 90 days in advance to make the most of discounts and offers. With ATOL, ABTA, IATA and SAFI certification, customers can rely on us and book their packages confidently. We are transparent in all our dealings with your transaction being safe and secure. Get to know about special offers by calling our Umrah travel experts and book cheapest 5-star Umrah package at reasonable price!

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