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1440 Hijri , 17th Shaʿbān
1440 Hijri , 17th Shaʿbān
3 * Non-Shifting Economy Hajj Package (26 Days)
Non-Shifting Economy Hajj Package (26 Days)
Package Includes
  Flight Included
  Transfers Included
  Visa Included


Accommodation Features
Hotel in Makkah
  • Hotel Areej Al Falah
  1. Location:
  2. Located at a distance of over 250 meters from Haram, opposite to Umdah Hijla Misfalah on Ibrahim Khalil Road.
  3. Amenities:
  4. 182 air-conditioned rooms, all rooms with 6 beds, flat screen TVs, and private bathroom.
  5. A Restaurant with a dining capacity of 190, suitable for both aged and disabled people.
  6. Room Service, Internet Access, TVs in Rooms, Laundry Service and Internet Access.    
Hotel in Madinah
  • Hotel Karam Silver
  1. Karam Silver has been a welcoming hotel since its inception. Equipped with air-conditioning, lounge area and comfortable rooms, guests will feel a home-like atmosphere.
  2. Karam Silver is a 10-minute walk from Al-Masjid an-Nabawi and a 12-minute walk from Old Bazaar. There is also a Mall close to the hotel and the nearest airport is Prince Mohammad Airport, which is 8 miles from the hotel.

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Day 1
(18/08/2018) - 7th Dhul Hijjah
Prepare to leave for Mina any time after 10 pm
Day 2
  (19/08/2018) - 8th Dhul Hijjah
Rest in Mina (This will be our first day in Mina. You will be able to enjoy the atmosphere in Mina and can participate in lectures and advice sessions in the days to come
Day 3
  (20/08/2018) - 9th Dhul Hijjah
Leave for Arafat (We’ll leave shortly after Fajr (approximately 9:00am) and will leave for Arafat where we will spend the entire day. Enjoy advice and lectures until Maghrib time. We will leave for Muzdalifah shortly after.
Day 4
  (21/08/2018) - 10th Dhul Hijjah
Leave Muzdalifah and return to Mina. From Mina we will leave as a group for Jamarat (Stoning).Group will be walking to Jamarat approx. 4 kilometres.  After Jamarat we will leave for Makkah (group will be walking to Makkah approx 4 kilometre) to complete Tawaf Al Ziarah and then make way back to Hotel and await news for the completion of the Qurbani. We will then return back to the Mina Tents no transport provided.
Day 5
  (22/08/2018) - 11th Dhul Hijjah
Second day of Stoning (This will be the second day of stoning, on this day we as a group will stone all three Jamarat. Group will be walking to Jamarat approx. 4 kilometres and also the group will return back to Mina tent from Jamarat approx. another 4 kilometre walk (you may use comfortable trainers for the next two days)
Day 6
  (23/08/2018) - 12th Dhul Hijjah
Third day of stoning (This will be the third day of stoning. Once we have stoned all the three Jamarat, we will head back to our hotel in Makkah. You can walk to Makkah or you can catch transport if there is available but bear in mind it will take longer to arrive in Makkah due to traffic congestion. You could stay in Mina another day but you have to do stoning the next day, no transport provided.
Day 7
  (24/08/2018) - 13th Dhul Hijjah
Rest day in Makkah
Day 8
  (25/08/2018) - 14th Dhul Hijjah
Journey to Madinah (The group will check out of our hotel in Makkah and journey to Madinah. Note: The journey time to Madinah by coach can be over 10 hours including breaks at service stations. Please be aware, you may be seated for anything up to 2/3 hours until the Hajj Ministry authorize release from Makkah
Flight Details
  1. Departure: 08 August 2018
  2. Return: 02 September 2018
  1. Complimentary FREE OF CHARGE Service: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Makkah Madinah Mina & Arafa & Guidance Included by fully qualified Sheikh, Pre-Hajj Seminar which you must attend, date to be confirmed 
Visa Description
  1. Valid / passport with minimum 6 months validity
  2. 4 passport sized photos are required
  3. Meningitis certificate ACWY is required
  4. Women must be accompanied by a Mahram
  5. Travel Insurance and health check recommended prior to travel
Mina Arafa Muzdalifa
  1. European Tents in Mina includes Sofa-Bed, Pillow, Blanket, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. In Arafat Air condition Tents and lunch will be provided. No Tents or food provided in Muzdalifa will be staying under the open sky. 
Holy Landmarks
  1. Complimentary Ziyarat in Makkah & Medina only
Transport Details
  • As per provision by hajj ministry (Jeddah - Makkah - Mina - Arafat - Muzdalifa - Mina, Makkah - Medinah - Airport)