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1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
Al-Baiah Mosque
Al-Baiah Mosque

Al-Baiah Mosque

Masjid Al Bay'ah / Mosque of Aqaba Hill

Located on the Aqaba hills, Al-Baiah Mosque marks the spot where Ansar of Madinah pledged their allegiance to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) after hearing the recitations from Quran. The group included twelve leaders from Aws and Khazraj tribes of Madinah. The second such Aqaba Pledge took place thirteen year after the proclamation of Prophethood.
In the light of Hadith, it has been narrated that The Prophet (peace be on him) met the group of Ansar leaders accompanied by his uncle Abbas who at that point was not a Muslim. He recited the Quran, prayed to Allah and encouraged people to embrace Islam. Prophet (pbuh) said,
“I ask for your allegiance on the basis that you protect me as you would protect your wives and children.”

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