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1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
Kinds of Umrah Forms of Umrah

What are the Different Methods/Forms of Performing Umrah?

Umrah is a lesser form of Hajj that is not obligatory on an individual but a preferred Sunnah. It is a beautiful form of worship that takes you closer to Allah. If you get a chance to go for Umrah & perform the Umrah rituals, acknowledge the fact that it is a great blessing that the Almighty has bestowed upon you. Umrah was performed twice by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in his lifetime. It is a spiritual journey which has many rewards in this life and the Hereafter.

There are two types of Umrah:

Umrah-ul-Mufradah: This form of Umrah is performed all throughout the year except in the days of Hajj. It is independent of Hajj and performed any time of the year.
Umrah-ul-Tamattu: This form of Umrah is performed in conjunction with Hajj during the time of Hajj but before the commencement of Hajj rituals i.e. before 8th Dhul Hijjah.

Note: There is no difference in the procedure of the two kinds of Umrah pilgrimage. In both Umrah-ul-Mufradah and Umrah-ul-Tamattu, it is obligatory to assume Ihram at the Meeqat. If a person is in Makkah and intends to perform Umrah-ul-Mufradah, it is permissible for him to come out of Haram to assume Ihram and not move to meeqat. He can wear Ihram at Hudaybiyyah, Ja'ranah or Tan'eem.

Introduction to Umrah
Introduction to Umrah
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