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1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
1443 Hijri , 27th Shawwāl
Hajj journey of lifetime Hajj
The Journey of a lifetime

Why Hajj is considered as the journey of a lifetime?

As Muslims, we believe that the basis of our existence in this world is to worship our creator Allah (SWT) to whom we shall return. We strive to strengthen our relationship with Him by following His commandments and connecting to Him with deep love and spirituality. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam that constitute the most demanding but rewarding form of worship performed in the sacred city of Makkah. Every Muslim is obligated to perform Hajj once in a lifetime if a person is physically and financially capable of performing it. The primary objective of Hajj is to strengthen ones devotion to Allah and learn the lesson of humbleness and equality, and that is the reason why do pilgrims wear Ihram. Millions of Muslims discard their usual attire and assume Ihram irrespective of ranks, status, race, caste or creed, to stand before Allah to worship Him and seek His blessings. Transcending the boundaries of national identity and cultural heritage, it brings together people promoting brotherhood and equality.

Hajj is truly a journey of a lifetime which a pilgrim is lucky enough to experience and learn from. Here are some of the reasons about why to perform Hajj and why it is an experience of a lifetime:

  • Hajj is the largest congregation of Muslims where pilgrims get an opportunity to interact with Muslims from other nationalities and races.
  • It is the largest peace conference that promotes peace & harmony among Muslims and common welfare.
  • It focuses on the core lesson of Islam which is brotherhood and equality among all Muslims in all aspects. Pilgrims during Hajj wear the simple piece of cloth and follow the same rules and perform similar acts and supplications at the same time without any distinction.
  • Hajj affirms the commitment and devotion of Muslims towards Allah. Pilgrims set aside their materialistic interests for the sake of Allah and submit themselves in His service.
  • Pilgrims follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his spirit to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah.
  • Hajj is also the reminder of the Day of Judgment when everyone will be standing equally before Allah to be judged only on the basis of their good or bad deeds.
Hajj journey of lifetime
Hajj journey of lifetime
Hajj journey of lifetime
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